Judy Levine is an interior designer who specializes in
elegant and detailed design projects. This holds true
for the magnificent home Judy designed and the one
in which she and her family reside.

The Levine estate includes a main residence, pool
house, and multi-paned miniature playhouse. The
521 French paned windows of the main house were
shielded with a combination of electric blinds and
draperies which made it impossible for her to enjoy
the very views of the property, and exposed precious
furnishing to damaging sunlight. For when she did
open up the blinds and drapes, it became much
too warm making exorbitant demands of the air
conditioning, the sun’s glare militated against the
view and ultraviolet light helped to cause fading.

The problem with the glass in the 144 square-foot
stone and slate playhouse was not one of solar
control but rather of the dangers inherent in stained
glass windows. The stained glass gives the playhouse
a special colorful charm but clearly presented a risk
for boisterous children at play. “I wanted to protect
our grandchildren from the dangers of broken glass,
said Mrs. Levine.”


“As a designer I find my clients are always
concerned about protecting their expensive fabric
and furnishings, and I recommend Vista™ to them
regularly. But, I am also familiar with the additional
capabilities of high-tech window films, like safety,
and that is another reason why we had Vista installed
on our own residence.“ said Mrs. Levine. After an
analysis of the problem, her solar control window film
expert recommended the installation of Vista™ by
LLumar® (formerly UVShield®) Dayview V45 on the
windows of the main residence and the pool house.
Mrs. Levine stated, “The film was professionally
installed, quickly, without mess and without the need
to interrupt my normal day-to-day activities. The film
is neutral in appearance and virtually invisible from
both sides of the window. It’s really changed our lives
for the better.”

Dayview enabled Judy to make optimum use of the
outdoor views afforded, while helping reduce the
sun’s glare by 49% and total solar absorptance by
44%. The film gives the appearance of expensive
treated glass at a fraction of the cost.


Thanks to Vista this designer and her family can feel
secure about the glass when they enjoy this special
playhouse together.