LLumar® UV Shield Series Window Tint

A trustworthy safeguard recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.


Yes, you can drive down the road in full sunlight, even at high noon, without a whisper of concern for your skin’s health or damage to your car’s interior. All you need is LLumar UV Shield Window Tint. Like high-SPF level sunscreen, it blocks more than 99% of the sun’s harmful, damaging ultraviolet rays.

With optical clarity and a tough, scratch-resistant coating, UV Shield is suitable for tinted or un-tinted factory window glass. It’s dependable UV protection that won’t change the appearance of your car – unless you consider that it also helps keep everything inside looking fresher and newer for a good while longer: upholstery, floor mats, dash, and even you.


What LLumar UV Shield Window Film Can Do for You

This product is a trustworthy safeguard against the sun’s harmful rays, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
Enjoy the sun without the harmful effects, thanks to protection that’s powerful enough to block 99% of UV rays.
Nano-ceramic technology doesn’t interfere with wireless communication, helping you and all your devices stay connected.
High performance nano-ceramic technology that doesn’t change the look of your vehicle or window glass.
Sun protection is good for interior surfaces like your dash, upholstery and floor mats. Keep them looking better, longer.
A shield against the sun’s heat, glare, and damaging UV rays that’s also added protection against shattering.

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