LLumar ATR Window Tint

A reflection of your personal style that also reflects heat.


The LLumar ATR Series offers you a selection of charcoal shades ranging from 50-95% darker. This allows you to fine-tune the look of your car’s exterior, perfectly complementing your paint color and personal preference with custom tint. 

Maybe that’s enough to inspire you to stop browsing and start looking for an installer. Still, we’d like you to know that this tint improves a vehicle’s interior just as much as the exterior. It enhances the performance of window glass with the power to reflect away the sun’s heat, glare and damaging UV rays. This means that while you’re sitting behind that tint, you’ll turn up the AC less and enjoy newer looking interior finishes for a long time. 



What LLumar ATR Window Tint Can Do for You

This film reflects so much heat, you’ll feel noticeably cooler. You might even find yourself using your vehicle’s AC a little less.
Enjoy the sun without the harmful effects, thanks to protection that’s powerful enough to block 99% of UV rays.
Fiddle less with window shades, or don’t use them at all. Keep in mind: the darker you go, the more you reduce glare.
Dramatic or subtle, window tint is a simple, satisfying way to take any vehicle from factory original to uniquely yours.
Sun protection is good for interior surfaces like your dash, upholstery and floor mats. Keep them looking better, longer.
Whether you’re disguising a bad hair day or something valuable you left on the seat, window-darkening tint can help.

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