Spectrally-Selective Window Films

Outstanding heat rejection without sacrificing natural light


SpectraSelect films offer excellent heat rejection and energy savings with a virtually invisible appearance. They’re made with innovative technology that selectively blocks infrared rays more than visible light. Great for applications where maintaining the look of existing glass is highly important, these films are ideal for storefronts, commercial buildings and homes that need minimal light control and excellent heat rejection.

Choose SpectraSelect Performance products for exceptional heat-blocking properties and a broad range of shades to meet your needs. These films provide our highest heat rejection for comparable visible light transmission product offerings. Recommended for commercial buildings and homes where heat rejection is most important.

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With our interactive product comparison tool you can easily compare performance data of different films within a product group. This tool helps you to find just the right film within a minute.

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What Spectrally-Selective Window Film Can Do for Your Building

Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.
Help protect against fading of interior furnishings such as upholstery and flooring.
You choose. Either spectrally-select films with a barely-there appearance, or get higher levels of heat reduction and a range of shades with SpectraSelect Performance products.
Solar-heat blocking and insulating properties stabilize temperatures, so heating and cooling systems use less energy.
SpectraSelect Performance products help reduce harsh glare, offering a more screen-friendly environment that supports productivity and eye comfort.
Vista™ dealers provide professional installation and exceptional service.

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