Exterior Safety and Security Window Film

A match for criminals, accidents and outdoor conditions.


Exterior safety and security films deliver impressive protection against theft or intrusion, natural disasters and everyday accidents. Created specifically to overcome the challenges of retrofitting buildings with no access to interior window surfaces, they add a tough, shatter-resistant layer that significantly enhances glass performance in high-impact conditions.

In addition to safety and security features, these films also have a strong, scratch-resistant coating that enables them to stand up to the demands of exterior exposure. We’ve made them compatible with most types of glass too, so you don’t have challenges to overcome beyond installation access.

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What Exterior Safety & Security Window Film Can Do for Your Building

Discourage smash-and-grab thieves with filmed glass that deters crime and has more resistance to shattering or puncture.
When film-fortified glass is struck with enough force to shatter, fragments generally adhere to film instead of scattering.
Access to the interior side of glass surfaces isn’t required to install this highly durable, outdoor-ready style of film.
Resistance to puncture and impact helps this film reduce the hazards of broken glass and related damage or injury.
Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.
Vista™ dealers guarantee professional service, precision installation and customer satisfaction.

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