Solar Safety and Security Window Film

Demand more from glass and get it, with multiple types of protection.


While it’s true that windows and glass doors are one of a property’s most desirable assets, they can also be an entry point for much that’s undesirable: criminals, sweltering heat, and harmful UV rays.

Our solar safety and security films are one practical answer to this dilemma. They fortify vulnerable windows with protection against theft, accidents, unwanted heat and sun damage, all without requiring a sacrifice of wide-open views or glowing natural light. Choose the film with the right shatter resistance, puncture strength and reflectivity for your property and budget. Then let professional installers and your newly upgraded glass do the rest of the work. 

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What Solar Safety & Security Window Film Can Do for Your Building

Discourage smash-and-grab thieves with filmed glass that deters crime and has more resistance to shattering or puncture.
When film-fortified glass is struck with enough force to shatter, fragments generally adhere to film instead of scattering.
Reduce risks that arise from accidental impact, with glass that stays more intact resulting in fewer (or no) sharp edges.
Maintain an airy, open sensation while keeping more personal spaces separate from high-traffic, public areas.
Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.
We can’t see UV rays, but feel their heat and see their effects on skin and furnishings. Solar safety-and-security films offer 95-99% protection.

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