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Personalize Your Car: Top 10 Accessories

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014

A mobile office, a therapist’s couch, a concert venue, a place for you to hear all about the school day, a storage unit and sometimes a movie theatre—this is your car; where you spend a considerable amount of time and money.

There are thousands of products out there meant to enhance your driving experience, it's hard to know where to start.

To make your search for the perfect car accessories and the road a little smoother, we’ve assembled a list our Top 10 car accessories, which make the ride safer, more comfortable and a little more organized. Check them out:

Accessory Description Cost
Non-Slip Dash Pad
A non-slip dash pad keeps important items visible, within reach and organized. The sticky surface helps ensure your phone doesn’t fly across the car with a sudden stop or if you hit a pothole. $
Add-On Cup Holder
Running out of cup holders might seem like a small inconvenience until hot coffee spills all over you or your car’s interior. Add on cup holders slip over the air vents or side door handles for extra drinks. $
Back Up Camera
Back-up cameras take the hesitation out of even the tightest parking space but most importantly they help save lives, prevent injuries and protect against accidents. This waterproof HDE camera is reported to have a 170 degree viewing angle increasing your rearview visibility. $$
Protection and Comfort:
LLumar Window Tint
UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin and your car interior. LLumar window tint blocks more than 99% of UV rays protecting your skin while preventing fading and cracking of your dashboard and seats. LLumar keeps your car cooler when it is hot. Available in a variety of styles and shades, so choose the one that best complies with your state’s window tinting laws. $$
Back Seat Fridge
This built-in back seat refrigerator is the ultimate in convenience whether you are going on vacation or spending the day running errands. $$$$
Keeping it clean:
Custom all weather floor mats
Custom made for your car model, these floor mats help protect car flooring from mud, snow, ice and everyday spills. They are easy-to-clean, too. $$
Massage and Climate Controlled Back Seats
Custom made for your car model, these floor mats help protect car flooring from mud, snow, ice and everyday spills. They are easy-to-clean, too. $$$$$
USB Phone Car Charger
A USB car charger is great for keeping your phone juiced up on long road trips or everyday commutes. The dual USB port charges two devices simultaneously. You might want one for the back seat, too! $
Timesaving Technology:
The SigAlert app gives you a map of live traffic reports round-the-clock so you can avoid headache-inducing traffic jams. Free!
Portable Jump Starter

A portable jump starter can ease some of your worries about breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Many choices are available so select one that meets your needs. $$

What's your favorite car accessory that makes life behind the wheel a little easier?

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